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♥ faq

Personal Info

• Nicknames: Nao, Nao-Ren, Choco
• Birthday: October  17
• Ethnicity: German
• Residence: BW, Germany
• Occupation: Graphic-Designer | Informationdesigner B.A.
• Languages: German and a fair amount of English

FAQ About Me

• How long have you been drawing? 
I'm drawing since 1995 when Sailor Moon comes up in Germany.
• How long did it take you to become so good at drawing?
I started drawing more seriously 2005. But since 2009 I draw regulary. 
What kind of music do you like?
I really like Pop and some Rock-Stuff, but also RNB, Soul, Jazz and Classic. My ♥ japanese group is Monkey Majik.
• Do you listen to any particular music when you draw?
Yes, often.
• Your favorite Anime/Manga besides Sailor Moon?  
Atakku No. 1, La Seine no Hoshi, Berusaiyu no bara, Cat's Eye, Lady Georgie, Shōkōjo Sēra, Hikari no Densetsu, Ranma 1/2, Nadia - The Secret of Blue Water, Neon Genesis Evangelion, One Piece, Love Hina, Noir, X, Abenobashi Mahō Shōtengai, Digimon (1st season), Last Exile, Peace Maker Kurogane, Bleach, Elfenlied, Maria-sama ga miteru, Samurai Champloo, Tenjo Tenge, Ema, Oh! My Goddess, Peach Girl, Paradise Kiss, Bokura ga ita, Death Note, NANA, Strawberry Panic, Shōjo Kakumei Utena, Blue Drop, Darker than Black, Vampire Knight, K-ON!, Bakuman,... 
• Your favorite color? 
On myself: nightblue, cream, colors that contains grey (like greyish light blue, smoky purples...)
• Where would you like to go most on vacation?
I like short city trips to Vienna. But I also like beach holiday in Italy or Spain (Caneries)
• What do you like more? Anime or Manga?
Both with tendency to Manga.
• When do you like to feel drawing something and how frequently do you draw?
In the evening mostly on all weekdays.
• What must you have when you draw?
• Do you like criticism from others?
Yes absolutly!
• Did you ever go to art classes, or were you self taught?
Self taught mostly. But I went to some art classes during Highschool (because I could chused between music and art)

FAQ About Art  

• How da hell do you do so tiny pictures?
I do a larger rough sketch, scan this, resize the drawing with Photoshop, print it out, draw it again. And for the coloring: intuition and patience. XD It's just practise.
• Where do you get your ACEO paper? What kind/brand do you use?
I use ordinary marker paper and prefer 'Schoellershammer marker paper' or 'Deleter Comic Book Paper BK-Type'.
How much copic markers do you own?
Around 220 at the moment. I bought my first markers 2005.
• What media/medium do you all use?
Please have a look at ♥ media
• Do you use a computer (for example edit things or adjustments)?
Yes for scanning and adjustments with Photoshop.
... more to come